Quick & Easy Guide to Home Canning Chickpeas

Apr 04, 2024Pritinder Singh

Join us in canning chickpeas, a simple yet rewarding endeavor. With Denali's guide, transform bulk-purchased or store-bought dry garbanzo beans into nutritious, ready-to-use pantry essentials.


  1. Soak the Chickpeas: Begin by soaking the chickpeas overnight. They will double in size, so ensure they're well-covered in water.
  2. Prepare the Jars: Fill clean jars about half to three-quarters full with the soaked chickpeas.
  3. Add Salt: Distribute half a teaspoon of salt into each jar for seasoning.
  4. Cover with Water: Add cold water to each jar, leaving a 1-inch headspace at the top.

Canning Process:

  1. Debubble: Use a chopstick to remove air bubbles from the jars, ensuring chickpeas are settled.
  2. Seal the Jars: Wipe the jar rims clean, then place the lids and screw on the rings to fingertight.
  3. Pressure Can: Place the jars in The Tanker pressure canner, filled with four to five quarts of cold water (to match the temperature of the jars). Secure the canner's lid.
  4. Process: Turn on the heat to high and bring the canner up to pressure. For pint jars, process at 11 pounds of pressure for 30 minutes (adjust based on elevation).
  5. Cool Down: After processing, turn off the heat and let the canner depressurize naturally until the pressure gauge reads zero. Wait an additional 10-15 minutes before opening the canner.


  1. Remove and Cool: Carefully remove the jars from the canner using a jar lifter. Place them on a towel or rack to cool for 12-24 hours.
  2. Check Seals: Once cooled, test the seals by removing the rings and lifting each jar by the lid. A secure seal indicates successful canning.
  3. Store: Label your chickpeas with the canning date and store them in a cool, dry place, ready for future meals.

This comprehensive guide ensures your chickpeas are perfectly preserved, enhancing your cooking with home-canned goodness.

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