Canning Lids

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Seal Expectancy?

Our lids can seal up to 24 months. For best quality, we recommend consuming within this period.

How thick are the lids? Our lids are 2.1mm from bottom to top and 0.20mm in thickness, comparable to leading brands.
Do DenaliLids seal properly? Yes, Denali Lids seal excellently. We've rigorously tested them against leading competitors and they perform just as well, if not better.
What are canning lids for? Canning lids are used for food preservation with mason jars, especially popular among homesteaders.
What if I want to resell your products online? Consider our affiliate program. You can earn commissions on sales and also avail discounts for bulk orders.
Where are you located? We're based in Delaware and the Greater Philadelphia Area.
What are Denali rings made from? Premium Forged Steel.

Is the US lids manuf. facility ready?

We've been working hard to get lids made in the US. Stay updated on our site for more info to learn when it's complete!

The Tanker - Pressure Canner

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Is it stainless steel with an aluminum core? It's primarily made of Aluminum with Stainless steel in the base for added stability and longevity.
How many jars can it hold? Our canner can approximately hold 7-quart, 20-pint, or 26 half-pint jars.
Is there a gasket? Yes, a gasket is included.
Is it compatible with a glass flat top electric stove? Yes, our pressure canner is compatible with all stove types, including glass flat top electric stoves.
What is the metal piece that looks like a thimble or basket? It is called a vent filter and is designed to go on the bottom side of the weight pipe to prevent anything from getting stuck in the vent. We have attached a visual reference for your convenience. If the filter does
Difference between the 10-lb and 15-lb weights? It can be difficult to tell the difference between the 10-lb and 15-lb weights as they look exactly the same. However, the main difference between the two is the valve stem. The 10-lb weight has a larger air vent, while the 15-lb weight has a smaller one.
How tall is the unit? It's 15 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter at the base.
How heavy is the 23 qt. canner? The canner weighs 14 pounds when boxed.
Recommended amount of water? We recommend 3 quarts or about 2-3 inches of water.
Can it be used outside on a campfire?
Our canner is primarily designed for home use but it can also be used on open fires, including campfires. However, we advise against using the pressure canner on an outdoor LP gas burner or gas range over 12,000 BTU's.

The Beast - Dehydrator

Question Answer
What materials are used? Stainless Steel.
Dimensions of the dehydrator? L =16.8in | W = 13.5 | H = 13 inches.
Wattage and Voltage? 700 W and 110 V.
Dimensions of the trays? 12x12 inches.
How loud is the dehydrator? It's one of the quietest large dehydrators available. You can run it overnight without disturbance.
Can you make yogurt in the dehydrator? Yes, you can!
Temperature range? 167, 158, 149, 140, 131, 122, 113, 104, 95 - The Beast has 9 presets
Weight of the dehydrator? It weighs 18 pounds when boxed.
What can you dehydrate with it? You can dehydrate a wide variety of items, you can checkout our recipes booklet that comes with ;)
Are the racks dishwasher safe? Yes, they are.