How To Pressure Can Green Beans

Apr 04, 2024Pritinder Singh

Dive into the world of home canning with Denali, where we tackle the delightfully simple task of pressure canning green beans. Whether sourced from your garden or the store, especially when on sale, canning green beans ensures you have this staple ready throughout the year.

Canning Essentials:

  • Green Beans: Trimmed and halved, or whole based on preference.
  • Hot Water: For filling the jars and ensuring the beans are well preserved.
  • Denali Lids and Rings: To secure the jars after filling.
  • Pressure Canner: Equipped with a rack and about five quarts of water at the bottom.

Preparation and Canning Process:

Start by preparing the green beans and filling each jar to a 1-inch headspace with very hot water. After debubbling with a chopstick to remove air pockets, secure the lids and rings to fingertight. Place the jars in the pressure canner, ensuring it's preheated to match the hot contents for a smooth canning experience. Process pint jars for 20 minutes and quart jars for 25 minutes, ensuring the pressure is maintained between 11 and 15 pounds.


  • Let the jars cool for 12-24 hours on a heat-resistant surface.
  • Check the seals by removing the rings and gently lifting each jar by the lid. A proper seal means they're pantry-ready!

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