Setting Up & Understanding The Tanker's Weights: Complete Tutorial

Apr 04, 2024Pritinder Singh

Grasp the essentials of managing The Tanker's weights for pressure canning with Denali. This tutorial elucidates the significance of correctly setting up the 10 lb and 15 lb weights based on your elevation, ensuring successful canning sessions.

Quick Tips:

  • Weights Identification: Comes with both 10 lb and 15 lb options to cater to different elevations.
  • Valve Stem: The key to proper weight placement, with the 15 lb weight featuring a smaller hole.
  • Secure Attachment: Ensuring the valve stem is tightly secured prevents water leakage.

Identifying and applying the correct weight based on your location's elevation is crucial for optimal pressure canning performance with The Tanker by Denali. Consult an elevation chart to determine the suitable weight for your canning needs.

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