10 Pound Valve + Weight for Denali 23QT Canner


DENALI'S 10-POUND Weight + Vent for your Denali Pressure Canner 


• 10-Pound Weight (red top)

• Custom Vent (longer piece)

Our Canner Design uses specialty vents for premium air-release and stability during your Pressure Canning Experience. This means that if you would prefer to use a lighter weight (for regulating your pressure), then this is the part for you!

INSTALLATION NOTE: Please be aware this weight looks very similar to the 15-pound weight, keep separated from one another. If you order a Canner, it will come with a 15-pound weight and the 10-pound will come outside of the Canner-Box as a separate part.

1. Remove the small metal filter-piece underneath the lid (small thimble)

2. Unscrew the current valve, and make note of how and where the washer and any other parts are placed, so that you reinstall it properly.

3. Install the new vent in the same manner you un-installed the 15-Pound weight.


Be careful to install the new vent in the exact same manner as the 15-Pound weight was previously installed.

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