Denali Pressure Canner & Cooker | 23 Quart | Induction Compatible with Pressure Gauge

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About Your New Canner:

The Denali Canning 23-Quart Pressure Canner is the premier Canner for all of your Pressure Canning needs!

Our extra large size means that you can Can jars upon jars of your fresh veggies, meats, poultry, seafood and more! Each Canner is built with Premium Quality materials like heavy-gauge aluminum and stainless-steel. You'll know how good of a product this is, and the quality we built it with when you have it setup and ready to go! It is like your old canner—but 10x better!

The bottom of this Pressure Canner is newly compatible with flat-top stoves, as well as gas, induction and other heating ranges. We also built in an emergency valve-release (the red bulb on the backside of the canner's lid, in case pressure builds up too much.

This Canner includes a Long-Lasting Pressure Gauge, an Automatic Ventilating Pressure Regulator, a sturdy Canning Rack for holding your jars in place, and an instruction and safety manual to make sure you have the fine-details.

Additional Note:

The Denali Canner comes equipped with a sturdy Canning Rack. Please place the Rack Rim-Side Down (the photo is representative of a second-layer of stacked jars).

The Denali Canner comes equipped with a 15-Pound Pressure Regulator Weight

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