Denali Canning Reviews and Information

Denali Canning Lids & Rings

Our products are built tough, and ready to take on all of your canning endeavors! They can be used in both pressure canners and water-bath canners with no issues at all. Forget the other brands, and join the Denali Family—you’ll be glad you did!

New & Improved Design:

  • Anti-Buckle Lids: Only 8 out of 10,000 lids buckled. We call that quality control. Boom!
  • Premium Quality Steel: Good luck trying to bend these bad boys!
  • PreserveLock™ BPA-Free Seals: Preserve for years. Not just months like others!

We want to clear the air: we are definitely NOT the cheapest, but that’s because we pride ourselves on our quality, our top-notch service team, and our dedicated commitment into building more of our operations in the USA, with a goal to be 100% USA Made by 2023. We need your help to make this possible.

Testimonials from our New Lids!

“So far, I have been very pleased with the lids. I have used them for tomatoes and grape jelly and not a single fail so far. I do hope they get their manufacturing in the US so we can stop depending on China for so many things. Very pleased, so far!” – Mary, from Arkansas

“I’ve been canning for almost 50 years and these fit my needs! My new favorites!” – Elizabeth, from Tennessee

“Ordered from Denali Canning Co. since we either could not find, could not get or were not paying an arm and a leg for Ball lids. We have been gardening and canning for 40+ years so we are not new at this. We just used our first batch of Denali Lids to put up wax beans and lime pickles—they did their job! If you are a canner, you KNOW how important a good seal is and how frustrating it is when they don’t seal. We recommend Denali Canning!” – Tammy, from Iowa

Throughout the USA, nobody knew what was happening next. To be prepared was a great decision, and continues to be the right decision, as our nation faces many challenges in the current times. Canning is the best way to prepare yourself and your families, and the two founders of Denali had known this, and have encouraged more and more Americans to challenge their friends and families to continue canning and canning, until they are totally prepared for whatever might happen in the world.

The next chapter of Denali is in our Canning Community. You are the reason we exist and are able to continue to grow. Thank you all! Let's Get Canning!