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480 Regular or Wide lids

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Tag friends and family on our videos as we release them during the giveaway (more tags = more entries = higher chance of winning) 

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Meet Misses T,

She is the heart and soul behind a thriving urban oasis, where the art of gardening and the essence of homesteading blend into a canvas of greenery and growth. As a devoted mother to four incredible children, from the trailblazing eldest to the ever-curious youngest, she channels her passion and creativity into nurturing not just plants, but a whole community.

Her home is a bustling sanctuary where plants thrive, dogs play, and a flock of nine chickens adds to the lively chorus. But the true magic lies in the community - a network of neighbors whose support and wisdom transform her green space into a shared haven of inspiration.

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Introducing Barefeet & Mimosas,

We're beyond grateful for her vibrant presence and the zest she brings to our community.

Like a fresh mimosa on a sunny morning, she infuses life into everything she touches, from her expert canning sessions to her adventures in freeze-drying and sourdough creations.

Stay tuned as Barefeet & Mimosas steps into the spotlight with us once again for an upcoming giveaway that promises to be as delightful and refreshing as her namesake!

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Meet Herrmann Homestead,

Discover Mikayla from Hermann Homestead, where creativity meets country living. Dive into her world for the finest in dehydration crafts, sourdough secrets, and a peek into a life filled with love and outdoor adventures.

Follow for a slice of homestead life, from heartwarming family moments to the anticipation of hunting season and delicious pie fillings. Mikayla's journey is an inspiration for anyone looking to embrace the simple joys and homemade delights of rural living.

Join her following for a taste of authenticity and innovation, one post at a time.

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Winter Giveaway Entry Form

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Rules and Terms

Join our Annual Giveaway for a chance to win fabulous prizes from Denali Canning! This year's giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada who are 18 years or older, and it runs from November 21, 2023, to January 10, 2024. To enter, simply fill out the official entry form, follow all of our partners on their main social platforms—@denalicanning, @mikayla_beth, @barefoot.mimosas, and @misses.t.and.me—and tag your friends and family in the comments of our giveaway video posts. You can look forward to potentially winning one of three amazing prizes: our first prize includes The Tanker pressure canner, a 60-pack of canning lids, a Denali trucker hat, and a Denali button-down shirt; the second prize features The Beast food dehydrator, four fruit leather mats, a Denali trucker hat, and a Denali button-down shirt; and the third prize offers two 20-packs of canning lids, totaling 480 lids. We'll be announcing the lucky winners approximately a week after the giveaway closes, so keep an eye out to see if you're one of them. Remember, there's no purchase necessary to enter or win, and you can increase your chances by tagging more friends and family. Prizes are non-transferable, and by entering, you agree to these terms.