How to Stack Jars in The Tanker

Mar 13, 2024Pritinder Singh

Canning at home not only preserves the bounty of seasons past but also brings a sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency. A key technique to maximize efficiency without compromising the integrity of your preserves is stacking jars in a pressure canner. Here’s how to do it right:

Preparing Your Food for Canning
Before you begin the canning process, it’s crucial to prepare your food correctly. This involves cleaning, and possibly cooking or reheating, to ensure it's ready for preservation. While the specific preparation steps will vary depending on what you're canning, the goal is to have your food in the best possible state for canning. In our video, for instance, we focus on canning broth, showcasing how to skim fat and reheat it before canning.

Optimal Water Levels
The amount of water in your canner is crucial. For most projects, especially those that last 25 minutes or less, 2 inches of water is typically sufficient. This ensures that the jars are not submerged but still allows for efficient heat distribution. Longer canning sessions might require up to 3 inches of water to compensate for evaporation.

Filling Jars: A Delicate Balance
When filling jars, leave a 1-inch headspace to accommodate expansion. Removing air pockets is also crucial to prevent jar breakage and ensure a tight seal. After filling, clean the jar rims to remove any residue that might interfere with sealing.

Stacking Jars with Care
Utilizing space efficiently means stacking jars in your canner. This technique requires an additional rack placed between layers of jars to ensure stability and proper heat circulation. Ensure the bottom layer of jars isn't submerged in water, which could interfere with processing.

Post-Process Care
After the processing time is complete, allow the canner to naturally depressurize. Carefully removing the jars and allowing them to cool undisturbed is critical for ensuring that the seals form correctly, keeping your food safe and preserved.

Stacking jars in a pressure canner is a valuable skill that can make your canning sessions more productive. Whether you're preserving fruits, vegetables, or making broth like in our demonstration, these techniques ensure you can safely and efficiently stock up your pantry. Embrace these practices to elevate your home canning game to new heights.

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