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Easy hot sauce recipe
Feb 20, 2023
Looking to preserve some of your harvests this winter? If you're seeking a simple indoor canning option that doesn't require fresh garden produce, try making an easy hot sauce recipe that you can enjoy year-round.
6 winter time ideas for homestead projects
Feb 07, 2023
Winter can be a long and dull season, but it doesn't have to be. With these six wintertime homestead projects, you can keep yourself occupied indoors and create some useful and cozy items for your home.
8 ways to prepare for spring crops in the winter
Jan 30, 2023
Winter can be a tough time of year. You're stuck inside, dreaming of spring and the chance to get back out in the fields. But there's no need to sit idly by. There's plenty you can do on the farm during these winter months to keep you and your family occupied, and get a head start on the coming growing season.
Ways to prepare for dood shortage
Jan 17, 2023
Things ain't lookin' too good out there. A possible economic downturn, food and supply shortages, and egg prices skyrocketing. It's hard to say what's gonna happen, but one thing's for sure – we folks who love Preserving know the importance of being prepared.