Gulf Coast Homesteader’s Meetup

Nov 08, 2022Karl Guzman

Denali had some of its team leaders join the Gulf Coast Homesteader’s Meetup in Milton Florida on October 28th & 29th last week!


Here’s some awesome shots from the event:

We decided that what better way to celebrate sustainability, canning, homesteading and living a family-first lifestyle than to give away Free packs of Denali Lids, Rings and EVEN 4 of our brand new Denali Pressure Canners!

This was such a pleasure to allow homesteaders and soon-to-be homesteaders the opportunity to get some of our favorites for Canning adventures, and we couldn’t be happier with the turnout of so many wonderful fans of Denali. We hope that everyone that was there and met Prince & Trent were able to have a great conversation, have fun, and learn a little bit more about Canning!


Cheers to everyone there, and don’t be shy if you ever see a Denali team member at a booth, at a farm stand, passing by in your local area, or at a store promoting our products and our lifestyle of homesteading! 


We love getting to know y’all!

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