Why You Should Label Your Jars

Why You Should Label Your Jars

Sep 11, 2022Aman Singh

Once your canning is complete, why label your jars? Tomato sauce looks completely different from kiwi jam right? Well that might be the case but raspberry jam and strawberry jam might start to look the same on the shelf after a while as the vibrant colors fade a tiny bit (which is completely natural and normal) this is one reason that makes labeling necessary. Your jars should be labeled with name and date before they can be put away.

Canned food is not completely sterile so over time there can be bacteria or other microorganisms present in the food that will eventually start to grow and multiply, causing the food to spoil. So even though the jars from 10 years ago that you find on the shelf look ok, they aren’t probably safe to eat. Having the canning date on the label will remind you when you first canned the food. If you can a lot of your own food, stuff can quickly get lost with all the jars and old jars can be forgotten in the back of the pantry. Labeling your jars is the best way to keep track of what's what. 

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