Why Peel Your Food Before Canning?

Why Peel Your Food Before Canning?

Oct 02, 2022Aman Singh

Peeling your vegetables, or fruits before canning has many benefits. One benefit is that it helps reduce the bacterial load before you start the canning process. The USDA Complete Guide says, “Most bacteria, yeasts, and molds are difficult to remove from food surfaces. Washing fresh food reduces their numbers only slightly. Peeling root crops, underground stem crops, and tomatoes reduces their numbers greatly.” This also applies to vegetables such as beets, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and more! 

The best way to ensure safe canning is to wash the vegetable or fruit first. Then peel it and wash again! This helps reduce the bacteria right at the start.

Happy Canning!

Inspired By: USDA & Healthy Canning

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