Why Canning Is Part Of A Sustainable Lifestyle

Why Canning Is Part Of A Sustainable Lifestyle

May 05, 2022Aman Singh

Sustainability With Denali Canning 


The process of cleaning, packaging, and sanitizing produce uses low amounts of energy and water. Canning also reduces food waste & helps seal in nutrients. Many informed, conscious people have no idea what produce is in-season. They don’t know when or where it was cultivated. They don’t know how far away it was grown, how much fuel it took to get to the market or the waste stream involved. If you buy a can of pineapples, even the “organic” kind, you don’t know the farming practices. How much of the pineapple was wasted when cut from the pit or peeled? Were the remains composted?, but when you can your own food you have a concrete answer to these questions. 

Mason jars are also very welcoming to the sustainable lifestyle, they’re made to be reusable, and made from glass that can be submerged in boiling water over and over again. They have universal mouths, every mason jar can fit either a Wide Mouth lid or a Regular mouth lid. That is why here at Denali we are working tirelessly to bring you our very own brand of mason jars! Until then check out our awesome lids here!

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