Preserving Eggs Long Term With Denali Canning

Preserving Eggs Long Term With Denali Canning

Jun 28, 2022Aman Singh


During the winter, egg production is usually slowed down if not completely halted. So the best way to prepare for that is by preserving your eggs. Preserving eggs can be done by two techniques, freeze drying and water glassing. 


Freezing Eggs

Freezing fresh eggs is the easiest way to preserve them. All you need is a large silicone tray and a freezer safe container for storing the eggs. You can also use a vacuum sealed (freezer safe) bag to help with freezer burns. Hand whisk two eggs at a time and add the lightly scrambled eggs to your tray. Keep repeating this until your tray is full. Cover the tray with foil, parchment paper, or plastic wrap to help freeze the eggs. After frozen, remove eggs from the tray and package for storing. Simply place the frozen eggs into a ziploc bag and place into the refrigerator or bowl of room temperature water to thaw.

Water Glassing Eggs

Water glassing is a long standing traditional method that has been proven to work since the 1800’s. This method will keep your eggs good for up to 18 months, but the longer you store them  the runnier your egg whites and yolk will become. First step is having nice clean water. You can use distilled water or natural spring water. If you feel like there is any fluoride or chlorine in your water be sure to boil it and after it is cooled you can use it. The equipment you will need will be a 3 gallon food grade bucket, 5 ounces hydrated lime/pickling lime, 5 quarts distilled water/natural spring water, and fresh unwashed eggs.

In your bucket add an equal ratio of water to lime (1 quart water = 1 ounce lime). Leave enough room for the eggs to submerge under water. Then you should mix the pickling lime with the water till it is dissolved. Next you want to gently add the eggs to the water, having the pointy side down will let the air space remain at the top of the egg. Securely add the lid to the bucket to prevent the liquid from evaporating and the eggs from becoming exposed to air. Store the water glass eggs in a cool dark location, withdrawing eggs as needed and wash well prior to using.

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