How to use food dehydrator with Denali Canning

How To Use Food Dehydrator With Denali Canning

Nov 15, 2022Karl Guzman

Dehydrating is a method of heating the food to evaporate the moisture present and then removing the water vapor formed. Drying is appealing because the procedure is very simple and requires little equipment. It also maintains more nutrients than other food preservation methods. 


3 Easy Steps For Food Dehydration

  • Slice most foods thin - between 1/8˝ to 1/4˝ 
  •  Rotate and turn trays 
  •  Remove food when it looks and feels dry

Fruits and vegetables selected for drying should be both fresh and fully ripe. Wash or clean all fresh food thoroughly to remove any dirt or chemicals. 

Drying time varies according to fruit or vegetable type, size of pieces, and tray load. Be sure to let the produce cool before testing for dryness. To test for dryness, cut a piece open - there should be no visible moisture inside. (Fruits tend to dry leathery and vegetables dry brittle). 


The Food Dehydrator has two vents (adjustable lid vents and base vents) in order to maintain adequate circulation while dehydrating. Do not operate with the lid or bottom vent blocked or closed at any time, this will interfere with proper airflow. Trays closest to the bottom are exposed to the hottest, driest air so the food on them will dry more rapidly. So it is important to rotate the location of the trays during dehydration. Do not use oil sprays on the trays.

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