How to Keep your Food from Spoiling With Denali Canning

How to Keep your Food from Spoiling With Denali Canning

Aug 01, 2022Aman Singh

There are several factors that limit shelf life so to keep your canned goods from spoiling here's a couple things to keep into consideration: 

  • Before storing make sure the can has no corrosion or dents in it. Dents and rust can cause microscopic holes in the can, letting air into the otherwise sealed environment, causing the contents to spoil.
  • Always store your canned goods in a cool, dark, and dry location where temperatures are between 50-70 degrees fahrenheit. 
  • Keep your jars away from the floor. Leaving your canned food on the ground exposes them to condensation, floods, and temperature changes. 
  • Physically rotate your food as often as possible – In other words, crack open the older cans first and replace them with newer cans. Don’t let cans of food go forgotten in the back.

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