Food Security With Denali Canning

Food Security With Denali Canning

Jun 19, 2022Aman Singh

Food security is when a person or family, at all times, has physical and economic access to safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs for an active and healthy life. It can be broken down into four sections. 

  • Availability - Is there food somewhere close to me?
  • Access - Can I get to the food with no problem?
  • Utilization - Will this food benefit my health?
  • Stability - Will this food always be around?


When either of these sections are not met, that is considered food insecurity.

 At the moment we are producing enough food to feed the entire population yet millions of people are not able to properly nourish themselves. This is because of economic, political, and environmental factors (such as climate change and natural disasters). This is why food preservation is so important! Canning helps increase shelf time while keeping the nutrients sealed. At the industrial level this is crucial because the ability to store food for longer time periods helps with exporting food materials out the country and helps provide food all over the world. In this way we can help solve the food security issue. Click here for quality lids and rings at a great price & lets get canning! 

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