Benefits Of Food Dehydration With Denali Canning

Benefits Of Food Dehydration With Denali Canning

Sep 25, 2022Aman Singh

You’ve more than likely heard some buzz about food dehydrating, but maybe you don’t completely understand what it’s all about. Or maybe you’ve never tried it yourself. Here is everything you need to know about dehydrating food.


What Is Food Dehydration?


Food dehydration involves removing water and moisture from vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish through the use of a dehydrator, an oven, or through sun-drying. This helps prevent microorganisms like yeast, mold, and bacteria from growing and preserves food for future use while keeping nutrients intact.

The Benefits Of Dehydrating Food

  • For one you’ll know exactly what is in your food. Sugar, Additives, Preservatives? All up to you, unless you’re dehydrating a commercially packaged product, like pasta sauce, your food is probably 100% natural.

  • You’ll also be able to buy in bulk without worrying about spoilage. You can visit a farmer’s market and buy loads of fruits and vegetables, dehydrate them, and then store them for later use. If you’re business-minded, you can even sell your dried food since they are a little pricey in stores.

  • Dehydrated fruits and veggies have INTENSE flavors! Each thin slice of dehydrated fruit packs flavor you don’t find in fresh slices. This happens to the flavor because all the water gets removed.

  • You will get to free up space! Since drying shrinks food, you won’t need a big space to store them unlike when you can or freeze your food. You can store dried food in different sizes of mason jars or Ziploc bags. If you’re thinking of long-term storage, you may opt for vacuum sealed bags or plastic containers. Recycling containers are also a great option.

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