6 winter time ideas for homestead projects

6 Wintertime Homestead Projects To Keep You Occupied Indoors

Feb 07, 2023Karl Guzman

Winter can be a long and dull season, but it doesn't have to be. With these six wintertime homestead projects, you can keep yourself occupied indoors and create some useful and cozy items for your home.

  • Bee Hives

    Constructing a top-notch bee hive and honey frames is no easy feat. But, come wintertime, it's a task that can be tackled with the right know-how and elbow grease. Assemblin' yer hive boxes, honey frames, and the wax foundation is the key to givin' your bees the start they need to do their work come spring.

  • Crochet Blankets

    Crochetin' is a simple, yet productive, winter chore for all you folks who can count to three. Stayin' warm while workin' on a cozy blanket? Sounds like a win-win to us!

  • Felted Hats

    Felting wool is the exact opposite of tanglin', and it results in a warm and dapper hat. Wet felting and needle felting are both fine ways to get started on this craft.

  • Hooked Rugs

    Not only do hooked rugs keep your toes toasty, but they also add a touch of country charm to any room. With just a rug-hookin' hook and some cut wool strips, you'll be well on your way to creating a cozy looped rug in no time.

  • Soap Making

    Winter's the perfect time to stock up on soap, and why not make it yourself? Melt-and-pour soaps are the easiest to make, while cold process soaps are a bit more involved. Either way, you'll be enjoyin' your own handmade soap in no time.

  • Home Remedies

    Winter's the perfect season to beef up your supply of home remedies. From tinctures made from dried herbs and alcohol to herbal teas, and even healin' salves that start with infusin' herbs into oils, there's a remedy for just about everything. Mixin', refining recipes, and takin' time, heat, and patience is all it takes.


These projects include constructing a bee hive and honey frames, crocheting blankets, making felted hats, hooked rugs, soap, and home remedies. 

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, there's something for everyone, from the easy melt-and-pour soaps to the more involved cold process soaps and tinctures. 

These projects are a great way to bring some warmth and charm to your home while also honing your skills and making something useful.

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